READ: Acts 2:1-6

Where were Jesus’ friends on the Day of Pentecost? Jesus’ friends were in Jerusalem, waiting for the gift Jesus had promised. Suddenly, a loud sound like strong wind from heaven filled their house. Something like flames of fire rested on each of Jesus’ friends. God was giving them the Holy Spirit! Filled with the Spirit, Jesus’ friends began to speak languages they did not know. But Jews from every nation and language were in Jerusalem. Imagine their surprise when they heard Jesus’ friends praising God in their own languages! God planned for all people everywhere to know the truth about Jesus.   



What did Jesus’ friends hear and see when they were together in Jerusalem?
Who understood the different languages that Jesus’ friends spoke?    
What did God want all people everywhere to know? 

Word in the Home

​​​​READ: Acts 2:36-40

How did the people respond to Peter?  The Holy Spirit made them sad about their sin. They were “cut to the heart” and asked, “what should we do?” Peter told them to repent. To repent means we turn away from our sin and trust in Jesus. When we trust in Jesus, we believe he died to forgive our sin. Peter promised God would forgive them. God would save them from his judgment and give the Holy Spirit to live in them. What should we do? Repent! Turn from sin and trust in Jesus. To trust in Jesus is to be forgiven, saved and given the Holy Spirit.



What did the Holy Spirit do?   
What does it mean to repent?   
What does God do for those who trust in Jesus?    

​​READ: Acts 2:41-47

What happened next? All at one time, 3,000 people trusted in Jesus! Like a fireman who breaks in a burning house and saves everyone trapped inside, the Holy Spirit breaks through sinful hearts. He leads us to safety in Jesus. The Holy Spirit enables us to repent and trust Jesus as Savior. He makes us a new person! Our thinking, our ways of having fun, our goals for the future – all change. Everyone who repents from sin and trusts Jesus Christ as Savior is a new person. 



What does the Holy Spirit enable us to do?  
When a person trusts Jesus as Savior, what does God make new for them?   
Are you sure you have trusted Jesus as your Savior?

PRAY: Jesus, thank you for coming to save me from sin. I think I believe in you but I’m not sure I’ve ever trusted you as my Savior. Please forgive me. I want to be a new person who lives for you. Thank you for the promise of your spirit–the Holy Spirit–to live in me.