​​READ: Luke 19:8-10

How did Zacchaeus respond to Jesus?  That day Zacchaeus trusted Jesus as his Savior. Zacchaeus had thought money would fill his heart with happiness. Now he discovered that knowing God filled his empty heart with a greater happiness than he had ever known. Jesus gave Zacchaeus a new heart with new wants. Zacchaeus decided to turn away from lying and cheating. Now he wanted to give his money to the poor and pay back all the people he had cheated. Zacchaeus found greater joy in Jesus than he did in money. When Jesus finds us he gives us new desires. 



What did Zacchaeus love more than God?   
From what did Zacchaeus turn, when he trusted Jesus as his Savior?
What other “love” have you hoped would make you happy? Will you turn and trust in Jesus? 

READ: Luke 19:1-4

Why did Jesus go to Jericho? Jesus went to Jericho to find Zacchaeus. He knew Zacchaeus was lost. What does it mean to be lost? Lost people don’t know which way to go, who will help them or how to stay safe. Without Jesus we are all lost. Zacchaeus thought money was the way to happiness. But then he heard Jesus was coming to town. He even climbed a tree to see over the crowd. Suddenly, Zacchaeus knew only seeing Jesus would be the way to true happiness. Lost people need to see Jesus.



Why did Jesus go to Jericho?
How did Zacchaeus try to find his own way to happiness?
How would you describe what it means to be “lost” without Jesus? 

Word in the Home

​​​​READ: Luke 19:5-7

How did Jesus know Zacchaeus’ name?  Jesus knew Zacchaeus before the creation of the world (Eph.1:4).  How surprised Zacchaeus was! How did Jesus find him up in a tree? Jesus did not call the good people who were watching. He called Zacchaeus by name and asked to stay at his house. Zacchaeus knew Jesus loved him. He welcomed Jesus gladly. Zacchaeus opened his home and heart to Jesus. Those who welcome Jesus enjoy friendship with him. God sent Jesus to find us that we might enjoy friendship with him.  



How did Jesus know Zacchaeus’ name?  
Why did Zacchaeus want Jesus to come to his home?  
What does it mean to you to know that Jesus loves you?