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Many kids know the main stories of the Bible but do not understand how the Bible answers these questions. The answer is found the gospel – God’s big story. The gospel is God’s big story that ties all the other stories together. The aim of my writing is to spotlight the attributes of God and the gospel in every Bible lesson. These lessons will help parents, teachers and small group leaders keep the gospel central as they teach truth.

To equip parents to lead their children to Christ

Barbara Reaoch

Who is Jesus? Why did he come to earth and why did he have to die? 

2005 – Started to write devotions for young grand children

 2010 – Why Christmas? Published 

2011 – Why Easter? Published 

2014 – Reaching Hearts and Minds launched to expand availability of materials 

2017 – Re-design of Website and expansion of Content 

2018 – Re-fresh of Website and further expansion of content 

2018 – Broadcast of Teaching the Gospel to Children

 2018 – A Jesus Christmas (October)


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